Sweeter Rose

Rose wine for those with sweeter taste.

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@DebbieLovesWine perfect timing, as always!
29 Aug 11:52:32

RT @DebbieLovesWine: @EWWines October 3rd is a fruit day, so they should be tasting especially good!👍
29 Aug 11:52:18

@DebbieLovesWine Lovely to see u. Lots of delicious #biodynamic #wines for the October #fullmoon gathering of #WildWineClub in the pipeline
29 Aug 11:45:41

RT @DebbieLovesWine: Choosing wines for #WildWineClub at @EWWines this morning. So many #Biodynamic beauties to pick from💜 http://t.co/vxrr…
29 Aug 11:42:40

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